MEG / FREAK / February 11, 2009

“FREAK” is so annoying, and the music so uninspired, the only way I could ever describe it would be in a therapist’s office using dolls. It’s not enough to simply switch producers (Nakata, where did you go?), but the entire 80’s-electro bit is wearing thin in general, and with the sudden influx of artists riding the bandwagon, it’s like attempting to sift through every single banal album recorded in the 80s for the few Pet Shop Boys among them. But that’s just the thing: none of these bands will live to hone lucrative, long-term careers simply doing spin-offs. The jazzy club of MEG’s first two albums were novel and worked around her big-eyed, nasally vocals to make them seem nothing less than indispensable. “FREAK” is the epitome of an experiment that shouldn’t happen for at least two more albums; it’s annoying (“Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!”), conventional, and makes poor use of keyboards that brings the term “techno velcro” to mind. “TOXIC” sounds like it was recorded stream of consciousness style and then slapped on as a b-side without editing. I imagine if this is the same direction Perfume will take for their next single, “One Room Disco,” we should all be prepared for disappointment and the longest bout of nostalgia-for-one-year-ago-itis.

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