Ayumi Hamasaki’s “GREEN” PV


The video opens up with a pretty cool view of 1940’s China.

The crowd stumbles, covering their ears from the raucous display of dragons and fireworks. Or maybe she’s trying to talk on her cellphone. “Hey sorry, can you hear me now?”


Group dance-off! OK, I’m not going to lie, these five seconds are my favorite scene in the entire video.


As in “Mirrorcle World,” this video is all about Hamasaki making inappropriately flamboyant hand gestures as she stomps through the crowd. Except here she opts to wear a small bird’s nest instead of a red parachute.


This is the part where I feel really ripped off. Here we see two men dancing backstage during Hamasaki’s grand vocal performance…


…and here we see Hamasaki dancing on stage with a woman who has been admiring her in the audience throughout the show. What a rip-off of Koda Kumi’s “TABOO” PV! It’s as if Hamasaki and her staff sat around bitching about not being edgy first and then they were like, “Well, OK, let’s do homosexuality but let’s do it in…I know! 1940’s China! Ground-breaking and totally risque. Take that!” except she does it with zero conviction/sex appeal so it just kind of looks like she’s dancing with her sister during an eighth-grade Christmas pageant.


You can see them counting each step during the routine, making it sexless, passionless, and utterly ridiculous.


Hamasaki laments her ability to act believably when working with second parties. Or otherwise.

Good song, though. If someone has a better reading of this PV, I’d really like to hear it.

GREEN PV ░ [ View ]


2 thoughts on “Ayumi Hamasaki’s “GREEN” PV

  1. MC December 1, 2008 / 9:16 am

    Ah, Ayumi, I haven’t seen or heard her stuff in so long. I want to see this video now, though! Will just have to wait until I’m off of work!

  2. Anna December 1, 2008 / 10:44 pm

    She hasn’t been putting out any interesting material lately, but I still feel the need to listen to everything she puts out. “Green” is a good song, though.

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