Ami Suzuki’s “ONE” PV

After Yasutaka Nakata made Ami Suzuki relevant again, Team Suzuki decided to forfeit producing rights for her first post-DOLCE single “ONE” in the hopes of scoring more buzz and sales. While it was hard not to be excited about this single at all (this is probably my eighth post talking about this dude, which is weird considering his music makes up maybe all of 0.5% of my music player), I’m beginning to feel a bit skeptical. It’s strange because one year ago, Nakata was an original – I was hard-pressed to find anything resembling his unique blend of club, jazz, bossa nova, and pop, but today, I’m left wondering where he’s going to take it next, or if there is anywhere to take it at all from here. Team Suzuki suggests: let’s go full circle and bring it back to the beginning with a PV that has…

…really bad choreography…

…psuedo-sexual sashaying…

…freaking the fuck out…

…uninspired psychedelic effects…

…but really cool eye wear!

I’m not even sure they used a different stage from the “FREE FREE” PV. If there is an analogy for Nakata’s musical output somewhere here, I don’t think it’s hidden very well.

ONE PV ░ [ View ]


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