So I’m pretty pissed off

The server hosting my web sites went fucking delusional and deleted all of my content without letting me know. Not because of any Terms of Service violation, but because they were changing from cPanel to iPanel and decided not to send me an Email telling me to back my shit up before they deleted it all and implement new rules and regulations that have essentially rendered me completely fucked and without an account. While I have kept backups of all of my written content, the hours, days, and months I put into XHTML and CSS coding for eons are now lost forever. Forever.

I don’t know if I’m going to contact them anymore about it…I’ve sent Emails and made phone calls calling them unprofessional (douchebags) for the past week now and it seems like they’ve taken the highly mature route of ignoring them and/or nonchalantly yawning and saying, “There’s nothing we can do. Sorry.” I don’t know if I feel like going to the trouble of starting my blogs anew somewhere else when the domain name has already become quite popular and established in several areas and actually started getting a large amount of hits, not to mention all of the comments and feedback I’ve lost (and the free CDs bands sent me to review–goddammit).

I spent a lot of time and effort over the past two years making those blogs awesome and I’m really sad not to have them a part of my life right now, but I’m honestly too angry to even think coherently about what to do about it all. Mostly because I keep hoping that the past two weeks have just been a long nightmare and I will log on tomorrow and find that little elves have restored all of my hard work.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and cry behind my face-obscuring bangs while listening to Rise Against.


2 thoughts on “So I’m pretty pissed off

  1. Adam October 6, 2007 / 7:53 pm

    Well, that sucks.
    But it encourages healthy paranoia about putting any kind of information on the Internet. Any site can go under, or get their servers broken, etc. etc.
    Always be sure to save things on your computer, in addition to the Internet. Course, I did that, and my computer broke, erasing everything from it.
    There is only surefire solution to not lose your work.

    Carve it into stone tablets.

    And that jab at Rise Against (was it a jab? music blogs seem to exude sarcasm, so it’s hard to tell) was unnecessary. There are better bands for raging against the machine. Like…hmm…

  2. drmike January 28, 2008 / 1:15 pm

    Never heard of iPanel before and I’ve been doing hosting for over a decade.

    Who are you using or maybe I should ask “Who were you using?”

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