Cut Copy’s “Hearts on Fire”, new album in March ’08

Readers might have noticed my recent infatuation with Australia’s electronic-synth-pop trio Cut Copy as of late. Though the release of their latest EP, Bright Like Neon Love was released in 2004, they still managed to win my vote for best album of 2006. After all, when I think of that year, I inevitably think of “That Was Just a Dream” and “Zap Zap” (and being stood up by a guy who used the word “uber” without irony; I cried about that for like, a second). However, because the release was back in 2004, Cut Copy hadn’t been touring, nor releasing too much new material. Sure, they remixed plenty of tracks in the meantime, including a spectacular rendition of Van She’s already insanely dance rockish tune “Kelly,” but what about new music?

Fortunately, as early as the Spring of 2007, Cut Copy posted a new song on their MySpace entitled “Hearts on Fire,” and like their electronic inspirations, it is la merde (that’s French for ‘the shit’, by the way, ’cause dropping hoity-toity French words is how I roll…that and using words like hoity-toity. Sans irony). Sure, the song follows the same formula as previous hits; lots of one liners repeating nonstop, a heavy bass line, and a New Order reminiscent guitar melody that brings the song to a close, but this detracts little from the impact and overall transcendent quality inherent in its simplicity. Yes, I just said transcendent about a little ditty with the same title as the Rocky IV closing theme (insert a really bad joke about how this song packs a mean punch). However, this is just a preview to the new album Cut Copy will be releasing in March, and if it’s anything like this song, I can guarantee it’ll kick your ass, roll you in carpet, and set you on fire. No official title or track listing has been posted yet, but you can always check out the blog for further updates, tour information, and the chance to purchase extremely overpriced T-shirts that does not even have the band’s name on it (seriously, who is doing the PR on that thing?).