Hellogoodbye’s “All of Your Love Remixes” EP

Hellogoodbye / All of Your Love Remixes / March 13, 2007
All of Your Love (Kimmy Pop Remix)

Hellogoodbye are the quintessence of 21st century celebrity. Much like Panic! At the Disco, they were discovered largely by self-promtion through the Internet. However, unlike Panic! At the Disco (and one of the largest consternations many have with said band), they did play many live shows before being signed with Drive-Thru Records in 2004. Their music mainly consists of light and fluffy power-pop songs with catchy choruses and very innocent lyrics that coincide with their almost squeaky-clean image. Their first full-length album had a bit of a mention on my top songs of the year list, and since then, I’ve looked forward to anything the boys might release.

In March of 2007 they finally released an iTunes exclusive EP, a batch of remixes of “All Of Your Love,” the first track on Zombie! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! Perhaps in lieu of 2006’s Remixes! success, all three of the songs featured on the disc are upbeat club or dance numbers. My personal favorite has to be the “Kimmy Pop Remix” which twists the song into an even fluffier version, if at all possible. If the remix was all on its own, I doubt it would as good (there are traces of typical eurodance elements to the song, a genre I’ve been avoiding at all costs lately), but the nonsensical lyrics somehow manage to salvage the song. On the other hand, “Forrest’s Remix” has more of a lounge/hip hop edge to it, that slows the track down and brings an almost nonchalant R&B flavor to the song, a complete turn from the original. I can honestly say I don’t hate it. A great EP as Hellogoodbye’s first 2007 release and as always, I’m looking forward to their future boy-band-esque output.

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