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There’s something comforting about returning to musical sounds that inspire a bit of nostalgia, regardless of whether or not you can pinpoint the exact memory your brain is attempting to conjure. Music has the power to do that, to make you remember feelings rather than specific moments and This Et Al is one such band, aiding in your loss for words. The moment “Wardens” started up, I could swear I was remembering some better time in my life, though when or where, I have no idea. Admist the riffs and hectic direction of the lyrics, the song is a tumbling trip through a sort of peaceful chaos, and to top it off, it manages to capture and blend the catchy, utopian world of early rock with the edgy approach of punk, or rather, post-punk now, I guess. Remember when it was OK to have a chorus you could sing along to? “Wardens” makes it OK again.

The release of the limited edition Baby Machine (which you can purchase from their official site with a release in 2007) brings even more loud, grunge tunes that rival even the intensity of “Wardens.” “Solemn As My Rifle” comes to mind, as it slows the tempo down a bit, mixes in those drum build-ups and ends with a rather melancholic guitar melody that proves this band is more than just another post-whatever indie band with a few clever hooks and thoughtful lyrics. Although that particular song is only available for preview on their MySpace, “Can You Speak European?” does a well enough job of translating that same experience, with perhaps a bit more angst.

If this album is any indication of the group’s potential success, they have some pretty great things to look forward to. And on a personal level, I am really digging it.

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