Tommy heavenly6’s “I♥Xmas”


Tommy heavenly6 / I♥Xmas / December 06, 2006
♫ 01. I♥Xmas / 02. THE CASE

I was really getting concerned about Tommy heavenly6 for a bit there. Her last single was a holiday themed track of epic length with an accompanying promotional video that rivaled even the cheesiest music videos (can’t think of any off the top of my head, though “Thriller” comes to mind). Straight off the heels of that debacle, I was expecting something a bit more irritatingly cheerful and…Christmas-ey with this single. Perhaps jingle bells or those salt shaker sounds. Instead, Tommy surprised us once again and instead, kept it simple by penning a standard pop rock track, no holly jolly cheer involved (save for the PV, of course), and for that, I thank her. That being said, it really is just a regular, everyday pop rock song; no innovation, no frills. The c/w track, “THE CASE,” is even less innovative, if that’s possible. Even Tommy’s vocals remain void of emotion, leaving the song blase and somewhat droll.

This is not one of Tommy’s better singles. Without even another cool bonus acoustic version like she did with her previous two singles, the disc leaves one wondering where the angry, rocker grrrl we love went. Things are looking bleak for her upcoming album; girl needs to come up with a new gimmick.


I♥Xmas PV ░ [ YouTube ]