Artist spotlight: The Changes

When I Sleep / Such a Scene

I happened to stumble across The Changes as if in a dream. I was sorting through some old files I had downloaded but never got around to labeling when I took a listen to “When I Sleep.” I’m not usually big on the whole mellow groove reminiscent of what some call The Police or some call new wave with a jazzy feel, but this song hit the spot oh so blissfully. Most of their songs don’t actually sound like this, which makes it a rare pleasure. Songs like “When I Wake” and “On A String” have more of a boppy pop feel, not unlike The Boy Least Likely To or The Russian Futurists or perhaps whatever a band with a late 60s or 70s influence wants to protrude on a serene, city evening. Need a song to listen to as you linger on the city sidewalk and press your jacket closer to trap in heat? Hit up “In the Dark,” a classically indie tune tailored to fit that city sequence perfectly.

The Changes released their first full length, Today Is Tonight on September 26 and it’s a perfect addition to any autumnal mix tape or playlist your grooving this season. Don’t believe me? Check out this delicious sound sample page and note the subtle changes in the image and tell me that’s not clever. Furthermore, The Changes are now on tour again and for those in the Chicago area, they’ll be performing two shows on the 25th of this November; get ready to spend the most useful $12 of the Christmas season (granted you’ve already bought Dir en grey tickets, but that’s a given).

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