NANO-MUGEN COMPILATION 2006 / July 05, 2006
01. Jyuni Shinhou no Yukei / 07. Have you ever Seen the Stars?
11. I am for you

Every summer NANO-MUGEN compilations are released as ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION go on tour with a few other bands (I say every year like this has been going on for decades; this is only the second one). I don’t remember how it worked last year, but this year a few well-known American bands are featured.

The first song of interest to me was the new original song by AK-FG…which sounds exactly like every other one of their songs. I know I said I sort of liked this because I like their sound and a few more in minimal varying degrees is alright with me, but I’ve decided to change my mind. They are in serious danger here if this continues.

A lot of the songs on the compilation sound much like this first song; upbeat pop rock, with a few harder exceptions. I liked the songs by Beat Crusaders, Dream State, Mo’osome Tonebender, and Waking Ashland (I am such a sucker for piano). But other than that, even this disc is expendable, though more welcome than CONNECTION ’06. Which just goes to show: mix CDs are always best done first-hand.