Tommy heavenly6′s “Pray”


Tommy heavenly6 / Pray / July 05, 2006
01. Pray / 02. ABOUT U
03. Lost my pieces (Melancholic Guitar Version)

Just one short month after Tomoko Kawase released I’m Gonna SCREAM+, she’s back with another catchy pop rock tune, set as the theme to the new anime series Gintama. Nothing about this single cries original to me and I’m barely finished with the grrl rocking on I’m Gonna SCREAM+, but any Tommy release is always welcome. “Pray” is a standard pop rock track, that employs a lot of tin can vocals set behind rhythm guitars and fast drum beats. It has a catchy melody but lacks tune sufficient enough to carry through.

The second original song, “ABOUT U,”” picks up where “Pray” leaves off. It has a slower, grungier vibe with a lazy beat. The song drags its feet in tempo and the melody leaves much to be desired, but for some reason, I am not all together put off from the song. If anything, the two song slump only makes “Lost my pieces (Melancholic Guitar Version)” that much better, though I’m still unsure if this is due to comparison or its own unique spin on the original, upbeat album version. Either way, like its Melancholic predecessor on the previous single, it surpasses the original beyond imagination. The haunting opening strains make way for a soothing drumbeat and…tambourine? I’m pretty sure this was a guitar version and all of the extra instruments are tarnishing the “Guitar” part of the title, but I’m not complaining because it works. And also because this song is beautifully serene in a way that the only applicable word is melancholic, in a pensive kind of way as Tomoko broods, “Where are my pieces?

The single is once again mediocre and follows closely in I’m Gonna SCREAM+‘s footsteps. However, though it does harbor one brilliant gem among the coals, I forfeit my plea for another. Tommy february6’s last single was released November 2005 so…more february please?

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