Friday night shuffle IV

Wherein I put the ol’ iRiver on shuffle and post the first five songs that come up.

Tiziano Ferro – 10 piegamenti: Tiziano Ferro is a popular Italian hip hop singer. He has come out with two albums and seems to have dropped off the face of the planet after the release of 111. This is a typical hip-hop song, it’s very catchy and he repeats the title of the song about a billion times. But come on…you gotta’ love Tiziano Ferro.

Witches – Papa: I would love to talk in length about this song, but I really have no idea how it got in my player. This is a pop-rock song from a Korean group and that’s about all I know. It’s not really that great of a song.

Tomoe Shinohara – HAPPY POINT (Maxout mix): Tomoe Shinohara was a crazy hyper-genki Japanese actress/singer who used to host her own television program (LOVE LOVE Aishiteru, or LOVE LOVE I Love You) where she interviewed both musical guests and actors (I’ll never forgot her pseudo-English interview with Robin Williams; one of the most hilarious three minutes of my life) and designed clothes for her Jagged Apple clothing label. Her songs are always bouncy and playful and she’s sure had her share number of anime tie-ins due to her kid-friendly image. She is certainly not the best singer, but for everything upbeat and wacky, she doesn’t disappoint. This song is from her remix album Deep Sound Channel, and it’s not too different from the original song, save for extra beats. Unfortunately, Shinohara has also seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. Most of her recent work is in Japanese television dramas, her last musical release being a single in 2005, with a handful of years’ hiatus prior.

Yoko Ishida – Otome no Policy (Instrumental): The karaoke version of either a closing or opening song to the original anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. I noticed a lot of SM songs come up on my player’s shuffle. This is probably due to that fact that I have pretty much all 37-some of the original released soundtracks. Yeah…there was a lot.

Zoey – My Love: Typical American-imitating Japanese pop/hip hop. I’m not a big fan of Zoey at all, besides her cover of Bjork’s “Venus as a Boy,” which does not represent the rest of her music at all.