Friday night shuffle III

Wherein I put the ol’ iRiver on shuffle and post the first five songs that come up.

Linkin Park – Forgotten: “Forgotten” is from their debut album Hybrid Thoery, which used to be the band’s original name. Comparing this work to their newer stuff, you can see how rough their sound was, particularly Mike Shinoda’s rap, which at that point, needed more than a little sharpening. It’s a pretty catchy song, but it’s not one that I play frequently, especially not from their first album. The first time I discovered Linkin Park, it was with their debut single “Crawling.” I remember hearing the song play at a carnival I was at (yeah, this was many years ago) and saying, “Who is this? I love this song, I must know!” My friend turned to me at the Skeeball game, looked as if in deep thought and confidently remarked, “I think it’s Godsmack.” Well, it wasn’t Godsmack, but when I did find out who it was, it sure was god-smackin’ good.

Mai Kuraki – Love, Day After Tomorrow: When Mai Kuraki’s career first began, many pegged her as a Hikaru Utada rip-off and darn if it wasn’t the truth. Since then, she has released a few albums, but has most certainly failed to attain the popularity of Utada (GIZA artist, go figure). This is one of her earliest singles and one of only two songs I really like by Kuraki, the other being “Secret of my Heart.” No wait, I do kind of like “PERFECT CRIME” in a strange, don’t-tell-anyone-I-do kind of way. It’s a slow, pop number with a catchy chorus. After about the third listen, though, it begins to taper into annoying drivel.

Matsuo Hayato – Rakuen ~ Tousou to Konran: Uhh, why do I even have this song in my iRiver? This is a background piece from the Magic Knights Rayearth soundtrack. It starts out fluffy and happy, and then in typical soundtrack fashion goes all, “No, don’t go in there!” Remind me to delete this soundtrack from my player within the next 24 hours before it begins spoiling the barrel.

Michiru Oshima – Nonbiri Usagi no Ichinichi: This is a background song from the live action Sailor Moon, also known as PGSM. This song is usually played when the main character, Usagi, is having light-hearted, pondering thoughts or is investigating something. However, as I’ve often noticed with orchestrated soundtrack music, you usually just won’t ‘get it’ unless you’ve seen the show; this is no exception.

Michiru Oshima – Sailor Senshi no Mezame: OK, wow, what’s up with all of the soundtrack music that came up this week? This is another one from the live action PGSM, and actually, I have no clue when it plays in the series. It’s one of those songs I recognize for its presence, rather than its uniqueness. I hope no more geeky soundtrack music comes up for a while. This is making me look bad. What a terribly boring shuffle week.