Just say no

Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to know a very special lady by the name of Chihiro Onitsuka. I know I boarded the boat late, but it’s been smooth sailing ever since (I know, nice word play). Her music can be described as folk rock, but her ballads are more hauntingly simple and completely amazing. Usually opting to go solo with her guitar and piano (sometimes a violin comes in, too) has not harmed Onitsuka at all.

Of course, with amazing comes a few mishaps. Like the very big one that I’m more fond of her later work and am not apt to buy a whole album of hers for one song from her older work that I do enjoy. However, I was planning on snatching up her latest album as soon as it came out. Yes, I was going to succumb to the lulling gentleness of said artist. Yeah. Doesn’t look like that’ll be happening anytime soon. Today I discovered that Onitsuka has been booted from her record company for refusing to comply with their demands to place copy protection software on her discs and release a best collection. See what happens? An artist stands up for her rights and refuses to let others tamper with her art and how they want it distributed and record companies go nuts. Not only am I sorely disappointed, I’m pissed that a record company (with such a serene name (c’mon, Melody Star is badass and you know it), and wow I just placed a parenthesis within a parenthesis (there’s gotta’ be a grammatical rule against this somewhere) and oh, crap I did it again!), would actually void a contract with an artist over such a thing as copy protection, the most needless invention since the cellular phone. Yeah, we all need it. Like a hole in the head. So all I have to say about that is bravo, Chihiro, stand up for your rights! And since you’re going, why not go to a new record company and continue to grace us with your music?

The MTV Japan Awards were held this week as well. Yes! Another prize-winning documentary of the stars at their best! I love these stupid awards they hand out. It’s like the people at all the record companies assembled together and decided they didn’t get enough recognition for their work…I know, let’s hand out awards to each other! Show-stopper Ayumi Hamasaki walked away with, count it, three awards. I agree that she totally deserved best female video award for one of the coolest videos this year, I’m almost absolutely sure Justin Timberlake has no business invading the island with his smut. Other international awardists (awardees?) included Missy Elliot for best video of the year (!) and Good Charlotte for best rock video (!!).

Supposedly, there were announcements of Morning Musume members graduating again. Good riddance. Maybe next year all the members can graduate.

In conclusion, say no to CCCD, say no to the MTV Japan Awards, say no to Morning Musume…hell, just say no.