Avex strikes again!

Is anyone else as psyched for Ayumi Hamasaki’s COMPLETE CLIP COLLECTION as I am? OK, I admit I’m probably going to save up for it and buy it, but what really gets to me is Avex’s sneaky little ploy here. The ploy I’m being sucked into fully aware of the sucking going on (a slightly volatile sentence I’ll leave asis). Memorial address was released with a a PV collection to entice buyers to actually buy a ‘whole new album’ that only contained two actual brand new non-single released songs, and that was great even though I had to dish out the extra money for a DVD that could only be played on my region 2 computer DVD player. But hey, I got to see “ourselves” and “Because of you” in all its glory, so I was alright with that. Yes, I was still mad that there were only eight total tracks on the album, but admittedly, the PVs were a great incentive.

But now this. First of all, because Avex already created the incentive for Memorial address, they can’t very well take it away now. So instead of really making a ‘complete’ clip collection, they left out the PVs that came exclusively with the eight track album, such as “ANGEL’S SONG.” Can you find a way of ripping people off more obviously? I just don’t understand the integrity (or lack thereof) that recording company has. It’s not fair that Ayu fans already have to buy about 40 billion singles, but now we get a gipped box set that claims to be a complete collection of PVs when it’s anything but.

Complete, indeed.

And while I’m the subject of DVDs being released on the 25th, what about the 30th Single Collection Live? If you notice the track list, it’s obvious that all of the songs have almost all already been performed before. I hate it when that happens. Not only that, but when it’s presented in concert, it’s a lot of the same concepts with a new spin; in other words, nothing too special. I really wish Ayumi would perform a few different songs or at least come up with new themes for a few of them. It would be a nice change.